Quickbooks Multi-Currency Removal Service

Quickbooks Multi-Currency Removal Service
Quickbooks Multi-Currency Removal Service Conversion Testimonials


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  • 95%+ success rate


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Quickbooks Data Recovery

E-Tech is the leading Quickbooks data recovery service in USA and Canada. We repair all versions of Quickbooks including Pro, Premier, Accountant, and Enterprise without requiring you to upgrade to the latest version of Quickbooks. With a success rate of 95%+, we offer a full money-back guarantee if we cannot recover your data.

Quickbooks Multi-Currency Removal Service

Did you turn on the Quickbooks multi-currency feature but now need to turn it off? Quickbooks will not let you turn off the multi-currency feature but we offer a conversion service to switch back your data file to a single currency.

The multi-currency feature is a good feature in Quickbooks. However, certain services and applications do not support Quickbooks data files if multi-currency was turned on. For examply, you cannot convert a multi-currency file to Xero, or convert to Quickbooks for Mac or Quickbooks Online. Also, multi-currency is known to be associated with corrupting Quickbooks files.

The Quickbooks Multi-Currency Removal Service will remove the multi-currency settings from your data file and convert the file to a single currency. It would be as if you never turned on multi-currency in the first place. This convenient service is a life saver if you wish to use Quickbooks products and services that only work with single currency Quickbooks data files.

How does it work?

The process is very simple to use. To proceed with this service, order the service at the bottom of this page. We will send you instructions to upload a backup of your data file for multi-currency removal. After we finsih the conversion, we will send you a secure link to download a Quickbooks backup with multi-currency removed from your data file.


Is there a data recovery guarantee?

We offer a money-back guarantee. If we cannot recover your data, we will refund your payment with no questions asked. Our success rate is 95%+ -- this is the reason we an offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

What is the turnaround time for regular service?

The turnaround time is 48 hours from the time your files are received.

What is the turnaround time for expedited service?

The turnaround time is 12 hours (same day) from the time your files are received.

Which International Quickbooks Editions are supported?

The conversion supports US, Canada, UK and Auztralian/NZ/ReckonAccounts editions of Quickbooks.

What can I expect after ordering this service?

After ordering the service, we will send you instructions to securely upload your data files for recovery. After we finish the recovery, we will send you a secure link to download a backup of the recovered data.

How secure is my data?

At E-Tech, privacy and security are of our utmost concern. Accordingly, all data files are transmitted to and form us is via secure servers (SSL encrypted) to ensure safety and security during transmission. Once we perform our services, we securely store our clients information on our servers for a period of 14 days at which time all client data is deleted (please inform us if you would like the information deleted immediately).

You have our pledge that any and all information provided to us is merely in the performance of our services and we would never use such information for our own gain.

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