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File Format Extensions Encyclopaedia

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E-Tech Recovery Damaged/Corrupt File Repair or Data Conversion Service:
Please send us your damaged/corrupted file for a FREE No-Obligation Evaluation by our qualified engineers by clicking here or sending us an email at etech@etechrecovery.com. After you submit a request, we will send you details to send us your file via FTP. If we can repair your file, we will send you a quote and you can decide if you want to go ahead with the recovery.

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A ADA Program
A UNIX Library
A01 ARJ Multi-volume Compressed Archive
A01 - A10 OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access SYSOP File
A11 AIIM Graphic
A31 Authorware 3.x Library
A3D Amapi 3D Modeling
A3K Yamaha A3000 Sampler File
A3L Authorware 3.x Library
A3M Unpackaged Authorware Mac OS File
A3W Unpackaged Authorware Windows File
A41 Authorware 4.x Library
A4L Authorware 4.x Library
A4M Unpackaged Authorware Mac OS File
A4P Authorware File Without Runtime
A4W Unpackaged Authorware Windows File
A51 Authorware 5.x Library
A5L Authorware 5.x Library
A5W Unpackaged Authorware Windows File
A8 Cubicomp PictureMaker 24bit 3D Animation (DOS-based animation program; graphics cards external to computer; Cubicomp closed 1990)
A86 A86 Assembler Program File
AA Audio Book File
AAB Macromedia Authorware Binary
AAC Advanced Audio Coding File
AAM Authorware Shocked File
AAS Authorware Shocked Packet
AB Applix Builder File
AB$ AutoCAD Spooled Plot File
AB2 Parson's Address Book
AB6 AB Stat Data
AB8 AB Stat Data
ABA Palm Address Book File
ABC Flowchart
ABD Adventure Builder Database
ABD AmBiz Bonus Calculator Data File
ABF Adobe Binary Screen Font
ABK Any Automatic Backup
ABK Corel Draw AutoBackup
ABL Maxagrid Avails Data File (text format)
ABM Album File (various)
ABM HitPlayer Audio Album File
ABM Photo Impressions 2000 Album
ABO Applix Builder Turbo File
ABR Adobe Photoshop Brush
ABS Abscissa Data File
ABS Abstracts
ABS MPEG Audio Sound File
ABS PC GNU Compiler Output
ABT The Arbiter Sports Official Schedule
ABW AbiWord Document File
ABX WordPerfect Address Book File
AC CaseWare Working Papers Client File
AC$ AutoCAD Undo Info
AC_ CaseWare Working Papers Compressed Client File
AC3 AC3 Audio File Format
ACA MS Agent Character File
ACA Project Manager Workbench File
ACB ACBM Graphic Image
ACB Archived Data File
ACC DR-DOS Viewmax File
ACD allCLEAR Flowcharting File
ACD Chromeleon Channel Raw Data
ACD MS Agent Character Definiton File
ACD Sonic Foundry Acid Music File
ACE The Ace Archiver Compressed File
ACF Adobe Photoshop Custom Filter
ACF MS Agent Character File
ACG MS Agent Preview File
ACH Rockwell Software Logix 5 File
ACI ACI Development Appraisal
ACL ACL for Windows (data mining software)
ACL Corel Draw 6 Keyboard Accelerator
ACL MS Office Auto Correction List
ACM ACBM Image File
ACM Adobe Photoshop Command Button
ACM Audio Compression Manager Driver (used by Windows in the system directory)
ACM Interplay Compressed Sound File
ACO Adobe Photoshop Color Swatch File
ACP File Used by Adobe Acrobat Paper Capture
ACP MS Office Assistant Preview File
ACQ AcqURL File (bookmark manager)
ACR American College of Radiology File
ACS MS Agent Character File
ACT Action! Presentation
ACT Adobe Photoshop Color Table
ACT Documenting Wizard Action Diagram (used by MS Visual FoxPro 6)
ACT MS Office Assistant Actor Program File
ACU AppleLink-PE Compression Format (created by Floyd Zink; overtaken by Andy Nicholas' ShrinkIt; ShrinkIt should unpack)
ACU COBOL Intermediate Object File
ACV Adobe Photoshop Saved Curve
ACV OS/2 drivers that compress and decompress audio data
ACW MS Accessibility Wizard Settings
AD After Dark Screen Saver
AD Ascend Password Protocol File
AD! OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access
AD2 2-bit Compressed Voice File
AD3 3-bit Compressed Voice File
ADA ActiveDocs Answer Set
ADA ADA Program File
ADB ADA Package Body
ADB Appointment database used by HP 100LX organizer
ADC ActiveDocs Clipping Catalog
ADC Chromeleon Demo Data File
ADC Lingvo Dictionary Text File
ADC Scanstudio 16-color Bitmap Graphic File
ADD Adobe PageMaker File
ADD Advantage Database Server Data Dictionary
ADD OS/2 Adapter Device Driver (used in the boot process)
ADE ADC Audio File
ADE MS Access Project Extension
ADF Adapter Description File
ADF Administration Configuration File
ADF Amiga Disk File
ADI Advantage Data Server Database Index File
ADI AutoCAD Plotter File
ADJ LISCAD Plus Adjustment File
ADL OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access QS-Special Get Marked
ADL QEMM MCA Adapter Description Library
ADM Addict Compiled Dictionary
ADM Advantage Data Server Database Memo File
ADM After Dark Screen Saver Module
ADM Windows Policy Template
ADN 1-2-3 Add-in Utility
ADN MS Access Blank Project Template
ADO Adobe Photoshop Duotone Options
ADO Stata Program
ADP AOLserver Dynamic Page File
ADP Astound Dynamite File
ADP FaxWorks Modem Setup File (for fax modem interaction)
ADP MS Access Project
ADR Address Book
ADR Address Plus Database
ADR After Dark Random Screen Saver Module
ADR Smart Address Address Book
ADS ADA Package Specification
ADT AdTech Fax File
ADT Advantage Data Server Database File
ADT HP NewWave Card Application Data File
ADT Lingvo Dictionary File
ADV GUS Virtual Device Driver
ADX Archetype Designer Document
ADX Dynazip Active Delivery Script
ADX Lotus Approach Index File
ADZ GZ-Packed Amiga Disk File (see ADF)
AE SoftQuad Author/Editor File
AEH iPer Advanced Embedded Hypertext
AEP Adobe After Effects project file
AEP ArcExplorer Project File
AER Adobe Atmosphere File
AEU MS AutoRoute Express Europe Route
AEX PGP Armored Extracted Public Encryption Key
AF2 ABC Flowchart File (now Micrografx FlowCharter)
AF3 ABC Flowchart File (now Micrografx FlowCharter)
AFC Apple Sound File
AFC ArisFlow Commander File
AFD ArisFlow Diagram
AFD Prismo Graphics ActiveFile Data
AFF AnyForm Form
AFI Truevision Bitmap Graphic
AFL Lotus Font
AFM Adobe font metrics
AFM HP NewWave Cardfile Application
AFM LOUT File (High-Level Language For Document Formatting)
AFM Outline Font Metric
AFP Flowchart Symbol Palette
AFP IBM Transactional Data Format (Advanced Function Print) (AS400 computer)
AFP Papyrus Document Storage Format
AFP Prismo Graphics ActiveFile Proxy
AFS Filter Factory Photoshop Filter
AFT AnyForm Template
AFT Flowchart Template
AFW Flowchart Work Area
AFX Auto FX Photographic Edges (Photoshop add-in)
AG Applix Graphic
AG Argus Spreadsheet File
AG4 Access G4 File
AGP Aspen Graphics Pages
AGW Aspen Graphics Windows
AHQ AudioHQ Plugin Module
AHS Adobe Photoshop Halftone Screens
AI Adobe Illustrator drawing (vector graphic)
AI Advantage Database Server File
AI Corel Trace Drawing
AI Progress Database After Image File
AIF Audio Interchange File
AIF Knowledgeware Setup Information
AIF Mac OS AIFF sound
AIF SymbianOS Application Information File
AIFC Audio Interchange File (similar to AIF)
AIFF Audio Interchange File (similar to AIF)
AIL AutoImager File (batch image conversion)
AIM AOL Instant Messenger File
AIML Artificial Intelligence Markup Language
AIN AIN Compressed Archive
AINSO VAX CRYSTALS Chemical Crystallogaphy File
AIO APL File Transfer Format
AIP Audiosoft Parameter File
AIR Align It! Resource File
AIR Flight Simulator Aircraft Performance Info File
AIS ACDSee Image Sequence File
AIS Array of Intensity Samples (Graphic)
AIS Velvet Studio Instruments
AIX HP NewWave Cardfile Application Data
AKF Acrobat Key File
AKW RoboHELP Help Project Index File
ALA Alan Adventure Language File
ALA Sharp Fax File (unverified)
ALB JASC Image Commander Album
ALB Steinberg Cubase or VST Backup Song File
ALBM HP Photosmart Photo Printing Album
ALBM webAlbum Photo Album
ALC dataAlchemy project files
ALC Norton Internet Security Ad Server File
ALF Abacus Law File
ALF ACT! User Logon Tracking
ALF AdventNet Look and Feel Standards (ALFSTANDARDS.ALF)
ALF ALF Logic File ("Another logical framework", structure editor for Martin-Löf's monomorphic type theory)
ALF Aventail Connect License File (AVENTAIL.ALF)
ALF Cadence Ambit BuildGates
ALF LANDesk Client Manager Configuration File
ALF VPCom Remote User Configuration File
ALI OM2 OMALI Native OMALI Document
ALI SAP Proprietary Format Document File
ALL Always Working Page Format File
ALL Arts & Letters Library, symbols and characters
ALL Steinberg Cubase or VST Song File
ALL WordPerfect Printer Info
ALS Alias Image
ALS Calmira Shortcut File
ALT WordPerfect Menu File
ALV Adobe Photoshop Levels
ALX OM2 OMALI Plug-in Extension
ALZ ALZip Compressed File (Korean site)
AM Advantage Database Server File
AM Applix SHELF Macro
AM2 AutoPlay Menu Studio Version 2
AM3 AutoPlay Menu Studio Version 3
AMB Radiance Ambient File Format
AMC Ant Movie Catalog
AMF Advanced Module Format Music File
AMF DSMIA/Asylum Module Music
AMG AMG ACTOR System Image
AMG AMGC Compressed Archive (alternate site)
AMI Cocreate SolidDesigner Annotation File
AMM AMM File (pattern design pgm for Universal flat knitting machines)
AMP Adobe Photoshop Arbitrary Map Settings
AMS Adobe Photoshop Monitor Setup
AMS Extreme's Tracker Module Format
AMS Velvet Studio music module (MOD) file
AMZ The Amazon Trail Saved Game
AN Groundworks Text File
ANC Canon Computer Pattern Maker File
ANI Animated mouse cursor
ANL Project Analyzer Saved Analysis
ANM DeluxPaint Animation
ANN Annotation to a Windows Help (.HLP) file
ANS ANSI Graphic
ANS MS Word Text and Layout
ANSR AnswerTool File
ANT SimAnt for Windows Saved Game File
AOB DVD Audio File (MPEG-2 program streams with additional info)
AOF Acorn Object Format (used for data storage)
AOS Nokia Add-on Software
AOT ZenWorks Application Binary Object Template File
AP Applix Presents File
AP Datalex EntryPoint 90 Data File
AP WHAP-Compressed Amiga Archive
APA AlfaPad Organizer File
APA ArcPad 6 Applet
APC Centura Team Developer Compiled Application File
APC Lotus Printer Driver Characters
APD Centura Team Developer Dynamic Application Library File
APD Lotus Printer Driver
APE Music Format
APF Acrobat Profile File
APF ArcPad 5 Profile
APF Fax2000 File
APF Homesite Project File
APF Lotus Printer Driver Fonts
API 1st Reader Passed Parameter File
API Adobe Photoshop Ink Colors Setup
API Application Program Interface
API Application Program Interface file; used by Adobe Acrobat
API Lotus Printer Driver Info
APJ Angel Debug Monitor Project File (link is PDF file)
APJ ARM Project Manager File
APJ Music Screen Saver File (usually associated with .SCR file)
APK GameSpy Arcade Service
APL APL Workspace File
APL ArcPad 6 Layer
APL Centura Team Developer Application Library File
APM ArcPad 6 File
APO Apollo Scripts
APP ArcPad 5 Project
APP Centura Team Developer Normal Mode Application File
APP CLARION for Windows Application
APP dBASE Application Object File
APP Executable Application (under DR-DOS, NeXTstep, Atari, SymbianOS)
APP Generated application or Active Document (used by MS Visual FoxPro 6, R:Base, Symphony)
APR ArcView Project File
APR Employee Appraiser Performance Review File
APR Lotus Approach 97 File
APS Advanced Patching Systems with Error Checking
APS ArcPad 5 Symbology File
APS MS Visual C++ File
APT Centura Team Developer Text Mode Application File
APT Lotus Approach Data View File
APT Nimbus 7 SAMS Data File (a-priori temperature profiles)
APX ArcPad 6 XML File
APX Borland C++ Appexpert Database
APX Lotus Approach Paradox-specific Information File
AQ Applix Data
AR Compressed Archive File (used by MS Midtown Madness 1 & 2 games, City Add-on)
ARC Archive File
ARC LH ARC (old version) compressed archive
ARF Automatic Response File
ARH ArHymo Hydrologic Simulation
ARI Aristotle Audio File
ARI Compressed Archive
ARJ Compressed Archive
ARK Compressed Archive
ARL AOL Organizer File
ARM Armadillo Software Protection System
ARQ Compressed Archive (often on a Mac OS machine)
ARR Atari Cubase Arrangement
ART Another Ray Tracer Format
ART AOL Johnson-Grace Compressed File
ART Blood Archive
ART Canon Crayola Art File
ART Clip Art File
ART Duke Nukem 3D Archive
ART First Publisher Raster Graphic
ART Xara Studio Drawing
ARV Arsiv File
ARX Compressed Archive
ARY Compaq SmartStart Scripting Toolkit File
AS Applix Spreadsheet
AS Macromedia Flash Action Script (include files when writing large scripts)
AS4 AS/400 Client Access
ASA Active Server Document
ASA MS Visual InterDev File
ASC Indian Languages Document (iLeap)
ASC PGP Armored Encrypted File, used by PGP (see www.pgpi.org)
ASD Astound Presentation
ASD Lotus Screen Driver
ASD MS Advanced Streaming Format Description File
ASD MS Word Automatic Backup (auto save)
ASE Velvet Studio Sample
ASF APL*Plus/PC APL Shared File
ASF Electronic Arts Music File
ASF Lotus Screen Font
ASF MS Active Streaming (Media) File (contains audio and/or video compressed with 3rd party codecs)
ASF Statgraphics Data
ASH TASM Assembler Header
ASI Borland Assembler Include
ASK askSam Database
ASM Assembler Source Language (various)
ASM Pro/Engineer Assembly file
ASMX ASP.NET Webservices Source File
ASO Assembler Object
ASO Astound Dynamite Objects
ASP Active Server Page (an HTML file containing a MS server-processed script)
ASP Adobe Photoshop Photo File Index/Separation Setup
ASP Astound Presentation File
ASP EROSION 3D Aspect File
ASP Procomm Plus ASPECT Program (setup and connection script)
ASPI Audio Catalyst
ASPX ASP.NET Source File
ASR Adobe Photoshop Scratch Area
ASR MS Automap Route
AST Adobe Photoshop Separation Tables
AST Astound Multimedia File
AST Claris Works Assistant File
ASV Adobe Photoshop Selective Color
ASV DataCAD Autosave File
ASX Cheyenne Backup Script
ASX Metafile (points to an .ASF structured file)
ASX MS Advanced Streaming Redirector file
ASX Video File
AT2 Aldus Persuasion 2.0 Auto Template
ATF Adobe Photoshop Transfer Function
ATL Hal/Supernova/Lunar/LunarPlus Screen Readers/Magnifiers
ATM Adobe Type Manager Data File
ATN Adobe Photoshop Action File
ATO Just Burn File (audio CD burner on Compaq computers)
ATR Lightscape Material Library
ATT ASCII Translation Table (-> ASCIIMEX.CXT)
ATT AT&T Group 4 Bitmap (fax)
ATW AnyTime Deluxe PIM File
AU Music File (various, usually Sun or UNIX)
AUD Audio File used by Westwood Studios for various games
AUP ePocrates File
AUS Calamus-module/-driver Ausschießschema = Imposition page grouping scheme (-> IMPOS_LT module)
AUT Authentication File (various)
AUT AutoIt Script (automate any windows based task)
AUT Descent Manager Mission File
AUT GPSMan-autoMapic File (moving-map real-time plotting)
AUT Interactive Pictures iPIX Format
AUT PocketWear Car Lease Kit Vehicle Data File (Pocket PC)
AUT Signwave Auto-Illustrator File
AUT TLG Workplace CD Search File
AUT Xitami Webserver Admin Password File (default.aut)
AUX ChiWriter Auxilliary Dictionary File
AUX TeX/LaTeX Auxilliary Reference File
AV Final Draft AV Document File
AVA Avagio Publication
AVB Inoculan Anti-Virus Virus Infected File
AVB MS Chat Character File
AVD Avery Label Pro Data File
AVI Audio Video Interleave File
AVI MS Video for Windows video clip
AVR Audio Visual Research Sound File
AVS Animation File
AVS Application Visualization System Format
AVS Stardent AVS-X Image
AVS Winamp Advanced Visualization Studio File
AVX ArcView File
AW Applix Word File
AW HP AdvanceWrite Text File
AWB Lavasoft Ad-aware Backup File
AWD Award BIOS File
AWD AWK Language Source Code File
AWD FaxViewer Document (AWD MS Fax)
AWE Adobe Acrobat Bookmark XML File
AWF Qui veut gagner des millions Archive
AWF Who wants to be a millionaire Archive
AWK AWK Script
AWM Animation Works Movie
AWR Telsis Digital Audio File
AWS Fax signature viewer
AWS StatGraphics Data File
AWX MS DirectX 8.1
AX DirectShow Filter
AXD Avery Label Pro Re-Index File
AXE ChordMaster (Chord Chemistry and Sequencing program for guitarists)
AXE MS Autoroute Export File
AXE Paradigm C++ Integrated Debugger File
AXG MS Autoroute Trip File
AXL ArcIMS XML Project File
AXR Telsis Digital Audio File
AXS MindAvenue AXEL Stream File
AXT Adobe Photoshop Replace Color/Color Range
AXT ZenWorks snAPPshot ASCII Application Object Template
AZ WinDVD File
AZZ AZZ Cardfile Personal Information Manager
B Go to top of page
B Applause Batch List
B Befunge Program
B Brainf*ck Program (small programming language)
B Limbo Implementation File (Inferno OS)
B&W 1st Reader Mono Binary Screen Image
B&W Atari Bland and White Graphics
B_W 1st Reader Mono Binary Screen Image
B_W Atari/Mac OS Black and White Graphic
B02 ADP Payroll
B1J BookJones
B1N 1st Reader Binary Screen Image
B1S BookSmith
B30 Ventura Publisher Printer Font
B3D 3D Builder File
B3D BDE Multipath Movie Digital Viewer
B4 Helix Nuts and Bolts File (Helix Software now part of McAfee)
B64 Base 64 MIME-encoded File
B8 Piclab Raw Graphic File
BAC Backup File
BAD Brutus Application Definition File (password cracking)
BAD Oracle BAD File
BAD Rime Mailer Address File
BAG AOL Instant Messenger File
BAG Emperor: Battle for Dune Archive
BAG OS/2 Netfinity Manager Sysinfo File (adapter.bag)
BAG PMMail Mail Index File
BAK Backup File
BAL Ballade Music Score
BAN Sierra Print Artist Banner
BAR dBase Application Generator Horizontal Menu Object
BAS BASIC Language Source
BAS Basic Module
BAT Batch Processing (DOS Batch File)
BB Blitz Basic File
BB Papyrus Database Backup
BB Starfleet Battles DOS Game
BB2 XBBS-OS/2, XGROUP, AV and ZTree Archiver Control File
BBL TeX/BibTeX Bibliographic Reference File
BBM Deluxe Paint Image File
BBMA Bonzibuddy
BBP BitBeamer Split File (of the form .??_??.bbp)
BBS Bulletin Board Sytem Text
BC Sierra Print Artist Business Card
BCC Calendar Creator 8 Collection
BCF ConfigSafe Snapshot Index
BCF The Sims (Maxis) 3D Body Mesh File
BCH Datalex EntryPoint 90 Data File
BCH dBase Application Generator Batch Process Object
BCH Phoenix Software (Datalex) Entry Point 90 Data File
BCK Backup
BCM MS Works Communications File
BCN Business Card Pro Design
BCO Bitstream Fontware File
BCP Borland C++ Makefile
BCW Borland C++ 4.5 Environment Settings
BDB MS Works Dababase File
BDE Borland Database Engine (embedded in many different programs)
BDF Backup To CD-RW Backup Definition File
BDF Egret Data File
BDF West Point Bridge Designer File
BDF X11 Bitmap Distribution Format
BDG Badge Designer 2000 Photo ID
BDR MS Publisher Border
BEC Break Even Calculator
BEZ Bitstream Fontware File
BF Befunge Program
BF Brainf*ck Program (small programming language)
BF2 Bradford 2 Font
BFA Blowfish-encrypted File
BFC Briefcase File
BFC Windows 95 Briefcase document
BFF AIX Backup File Format
BFFM B17 Flying Fortress Game File
BFL Colin McRae Rally 2 Data File
BFM UNIX Font Metrics File
BFX BitFax Document
BG MS Backgammon for Windows Game
BGA OS/2 Graphic Array
BGB MS Chat Background Graphic
BGI Borland Graphic Interface
BGL Flight Simulator Scenery File
BH PowerArchiver Compressed File
BHF pcAnywhere Host File
BHTML BabuHTML Embedded Software File (example use: netMailshar)
BHX Archive File
BI Binary Data File
BI Progress Database Before Image File
BIB Bibliography
BIB Papyrus Database
BIB TeX/BibTeX Literature Database
BIC Civilization III Scenario
BID BidMaker 2002 File
BIF Baldur's Gate Archive
BIF GroupWise Initialization File
BIF Image Capture Board Binary Black & White Image
BIF Planescape: Torment Archive
BIG Chinese (old version)
BIK Bink Game Video File
BIK BioCharter Profile Backup File
BIN Binary Data File
BIO BioCharter Profile File
BIO OS/2 Bios File
BIT Bitmap Image
BIT Worms World Party/Armageddon Imported Map
BIZ Broderbund Print Shop Business Card File
BJF NTI Backup NOW! File
BK Backup
BK JetFax Faxbook File
BK LinguAssist File
BK Sometimes used to denote backup versions
BK! Backup
BK$ Backup
BK$ Sometimes used to denote backup versions
BK? Backup (Can be 1 to 9, usually with WordPerfect)
BKF Moto Racer Archive
BKF Microsoft/Veritas Backup File
BKF Sharp Organizer Backup File
BKG Background File (used in many games/programs)
BKG UWXAFS Binary Format Data File (absorption data on an energy grid which does not need to be evenly spaced)
BKI Backup Index
BKP Backup
BKS An IBM BookManager Read bookshelf
BKS Bookshelf Backup
BKS IBM BookManager Read Bookshelf
BKS MS Works Spreadsheet Backup
BKU Timeslips Backup
BKW FontEdit Fontset Mirror Image
BLA Blat E-mail (command line E-mail tool written for Windows)
BLB DreamWorks Resource Archive
BLD BASIC Bload Graphics
BLD VersaPro Block Build Info
BLEND Blender 3D File
BLG Windows Binary Performance Log (W-2000 & W-XP have different formats)
BLK Alias Wavefront Image
BLK Lightscape Block Library
BLK VersaPro Block
BLK WordPerfect Temp File
BLL An extension used by the VBS/European-A worm.
BLT Saved AIM Buddy List File
BLT Wordperfect for DOS File
BM Bitmap Graphic
BM1 Apogee BioMenace Data File
BMF Image File
BMI Blue Martini Import File (eCRM)
BMI Buzz Instrument
BMK An A bookmark file
BMK Help Bookmark
BMP Windows or OS/2 Bitmap Graphics
BMS Backup Magic Backup Set
BMW Buzz Music File with Waves
BMX Buzz Music File
BMZ Demon Stalkers: Raid on Doomfane (old game)
BN AdLib Instrument Bank
BNK Adlib Instrument Bank
BNK Bink Compressed Video/Audio File
BNK SimCity Game File
BNR Binary News Reader File
BNSKIN Beatnik Clock Skin
BOB BobDown Downloading Program
BOL MS Booasm Compressed Archive Library
BOM Orcad Schematic Capture Bill of Materials File
BOM Softshare Delta Business Object Model
BOO Book
BOO Compressed Archive File
BOO Image File
BOOK Adobe FrameMaker Book File
BOS Brotherhood of Steel Compressed File (renamed ZIP file; use any extractor)
BOT Frogbot Editor (Frog = Quake add-on computer opponent)
BOX Lemmings Revolution Archive
BOX Notes Mailbox
BOX ThrottleBox Multimedia Viewer
BPC BuildPro File
BPC Business Plan Toolkit Chart
BPL Delphi Library
BPS Bulletproof FTP Settings
BPS MS Works Document
BPT Bitmap Master File
BPX Truevision Targa Bitmap
BQY BrioQuery File
BR Bridge Script
BR The Playa File (link is tentative)
BR3 Bryce 3D Scene File (Bryce made by MetaCreations, changed to Viewpoint, product taken over by Corel)
BR4 Bryce 4 File (Bryce made by MetaCreations, changed to Viewpoint, product taken over by Corel)
BRC Bryce 2 Scene File (Bryce made by MetaCreations, changed to Viewpoint, product taken over by Corel)
BRD EAGLE Board File
BRI Basic Rate Interface File
BRK Brooktrout Fax-Mail File
BRO Tree Professional Broadleaf Creator File
BRP Tree Professional Broadleaf Creator Image
BRS Corel Paint Classic File
BRU Brutus Restore File (password cracking)
BRW Application file associated with financial institution(s) loan applications
BRX A file for browsing an index of multimedia options (pictures, sound, text, videos) on a CD-ROM
BRX Multimedia Browsing Index
BRZ DbBRZ File (Backup or Restore)
BS_ MS Bookshelf Find Menu Shell Extension
BS1 Apogee Blake Stone Data File
BS2 Basic Stamp 2 Code File (WordPad or BS2-Editor)
BSA BSARC Compressed Archive
BSB MapInfo Sea Chart
BSB SWAT Sub-basin Output File (river basin scale model)
BSC Apple II Compressed Archive
BSC Boyan Script
BSC Fortran Pwbrmake Object
BSC MS Developer Studio Browser File
BSC Source Browser Database
BSK Bryce 4 File
BSP Half-life/TFC/CS Map
BSP Quake Map
BST BibTeX Style File
BSV BASIC Bsave Graphics
BTM 4DOS Batch To Memory Batch File
BTM Batch file used by Norton Utilities
BTN ButtonWare File
BTO Baytex Organix! 2001 Language Kit
BTR Btrieve Database File
BTR MS Frontpage-related File
BUD Quicken Backup
BUF WinXL File (Datascope emulation software)
BUG Bug (Problem) File
BUL Holiday Lights Screen Saver Bulb File
BUN CakeWalk Audio Bundle File (a MIDI program)
BUP Backup DVD Info File
BUP Brother Embroidery System File
BUP CD Indexer
BUP PC-Bibliothek Update File
BUP Softcode Tracker Contact Manager Backup (Australian software no longer sold)
BUT Buttons! Button Definition
BUY Movie Data File
BV? WordPerfect Overflow File (Can be 1 to 9)
BVS BVS Solitaire Collection
BW SGI Black and White Image
BW Silicon Graphics Raw RGB File
BWB Visual Baler Spreadsheet File
BWI Blindread/Blindwrite
BWR Kermit Beware Bug List
BWS Blindread/Blindwrite
BWT Blindread/Blindwrite
BWV Business Wave File
BXF Man's Best Friend Software Breeder Exchange Format
BYU Movie File (Shockwave)
BZ Bzip UNIX Compressed File
BZ2 Bzip UNIX Compressed File (Replaces .BZ)
C Go to top of page
C C Code/Program File
C Check Point Site Configuration for Secure Remote
C Desktop Color Separation Specification Cyan Layer (usually an EPS file)
C UNIX Compact File Achive
C-- Sphinx C-- Source Code
C?? Winace Compressed File
C++ C++ Source Code
C00 Ventura Print File
C01 Typhoon Wave File
C08 Lord Of Destruction Game File (unverified)
C2D CeQuadrat WinOnCD Image file (AKA ISO)
C2D IsoBuster File
C2D WinOnCd CD Image
C3D Chem3D Chemical File
C3T Chem3D Chemical Template File
C4 JEDMICS (Joint Engineering Data Management) DoD Engineering Data Format
C4D Cinema 4D (3D Modeling texturing and animation program)
C6 Ashlar-Vellum File
C86 C86 C Program
CA DATAIR FlexPlus Data File
CA Telnet Server Initial Cache Data File
CA1 OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Catalog File
CA4 Electronics Workbench Circuit
CA7 Beta 44 Job File
CAB Install Shield v5.x or 6.x Compressed File (not compatible with MS .CAB files)
CAB MS Cabinet File (program files compressed for software distribution)
CAC dBase IV Executable File
CAD Softdesk Drafix CAD File
CAF Southern Company Terrestrial Data Acq
CAG MS Clip Gallery Catalog File
CAL Calendar Schedule Data File
CAL CALS Compressed Bitmap
CAL DOS Calendar Creator File
CAL Radiance Function File Format
CAL SuperCalc Worksheet
CAM Casio Camera Graphic
CAN Navigator Fax
CAP Compressed Music File
CAP Network Associates Sniffer Capture File
CAP Telix Session Capture
CAP Ventura Caption
CAR AtHome Assistant File
CAR Carrara Environment
CAS Comm008-FileFormats-a.aspelimited ASCII File
CAS i2's Case Notebook Timeline Analysis
CAT dBase Catalog
CAT INSITU Library (catalog) File containing 2-D and 3-D objects (French software for office and kitchen planning)
CAT OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Catalog File
CAT Quicken IntelliCharge Categorization File
CAZ Computer Associates Archive
CB MS Clean Boot File
CBC CubiCalc Fuzzy Logic System File
CBI IBM Mainframe Column Binary Formatted File
CBM XLib Compiled Bitmap
CBT Computer Based Training
CC C++ Program File
CC dB2K Custom Class File
CC Picture Window's Color Curve File (ASCII text file)
CC Visual dBASE Custom Class File
CC1 Chem3D Cartesian Coordinates 1
CC2 Chem3D Cartesian Coordinates 2
CC5 Calendar Creator 5.x 6.x File
CCA CC:Mail Archive File
CCA Multimedia Fusion File (multimedia game creation)
CCB Visual Basic Animated Button Configuration
CCC Chat
CCC Curtain Call Native Bitmap Graphic
CCD CloneCd Related File
CCD Vector CAD Program File
CCE Calendar Creator 2 Event File
CCF AudioReQuest Control File
CCF Multimedia Viewer configuration file used in OS/2
CCF OS/2 Multimedia Viewer Configuration File
CCF Remote Control File (various to include: ProtoProEdit, RAVedit)
CCF Symphony Communications Configuration File
CCH Corel Chart
CCH Fabasoft Components
CCL Intalk Communication Command Language
CCM Lotus CC:Mail Mailbox
CCN Vitalize! Game File (Played via IE plug-in)
CCO CyberChat Data File
CCO XBTX BTX Graphics File
CCP C Converter Profiles (construction site management)
CCR Chat Room Shortcut
CCS CONKY CeZaR Stribas International
CCT Logic Works Schematic File
CCT Macromedia Director Shockwave Cast
CCT SIL Hebrew Font System Transliteration Table
CD cdTree Content List
CD1 DATAIR Cafeteria Document System Data File
CD2 DATAIR Cafeteria Document System Custom Text File
CDA CD Audio Track
CDB CardScan Database
CDB Clipboard File
CDB Nokia 9210/9290 Contact Database
CDB One Page from a ROM With a View Project File
CDB PowerDesigner Conceptual Model Backup File
CDB SymbianOS Contact Database File
CDB Turbo C Database
CDC Chromeleon Driver Configuration Plugin
CDD Chromeleon Device Driver
CDD Claris Draw v 1.2 Document
CDE Honeywell Hybrid Control Designer (HC900-x Industrial Controllers)
CDF Comma Delimited Format
CDF Cyberspace Description Format
CDF InstallShield Components Definition File
CDF MS Channel Definition Format File
CDF NetCDF Graphic File
CDG DART Karaoke Studio CD+G File (contains only song lyrics and synchronization data)
CDI Disc Juggler File (CD-ROM data)
CDI Philips Compact Disk Interactive Format
CDJ Disc Juggler File (CD-ROM data)
CDK Atari Calamus Document
CDL CaseWare Working Papers Document Link
CDL SignLab Vector Graphic
CDM PowerDesigner Conceptual Model File
CDM Visual dBASE Custom Data Module
CDP CD/Spectrum Pro
CDR Corel Draw Drawing (vector graphic)
CDR Raw Audio-CD Data
CDR Sound File
CDS ChemDraw Stationery Document
CDT Atari Calamus Druckertreiber = Calamus printer driver
CDT Corel Draw Template
CDX Active Server Document
CDX ChemDraw Chemical Structure
CDX Compound Index
CDX Compound index (used by MS Visual FoxPro 6)
CDX Corel Draw Compressed Drawing
CDX Microstation Cell Library Index
CDX MS Visual Foxpro Index
CDXL Old Amiga Movie Format
CDXML ChemDraw XML ChemDraw Format
CDZ ROM With a View Project File
CE FarSide Computer Calendar File
CE3 Calendar Creator 3.x 4.x Event List
CEF Compact Embedded Font
CEG Continuous Edge Graphic
CEG Tempra Show Bitmap Graphic
CEL Autodesk Animator Graphic
CEL CIMFast Event Language File
CEL Kiss Paper Doll File
CEL Microstation Cell Library
CEM Empire Earth Game File
CEN Master Tracker Financial Analysis
CER Atari Calamus Exporttreiber Rastergraphik = Calamus raster-graphics export driver
CER Certificate File (MIME x-x509-ca-cert)
CER Sierra Print Artist Certificate
CET Atari Calamus Exporttreiber Text = Calamus text export driver
CEV Atari Calamus Exporttreiber Vektorgraphik = Calamus vector-graphics export driver
CEV LOUT Character Encoding File (High-Level Language For Document Formatting)
CEV Software License Tracking Tool (CERTAUTH.CEV)
CEX INMOS Transputer Development System Occam User Program
CEX The Currency Exchanger Rate File
CF Imake Configuration File
CF4 Catfish File Manager Support File
CFB Comptons Multimedia File
CFF Capabilities File for FOUNDATION(tm) Fieldbus H1 (31.25 kbit/s)
CFG Configuration File (various)
CFH Capabilities File for FOUNDATION(tm) Fieldbus HSE (100 Mbit/s)
CFL Corel Flowchart File
CFM Cold Fusion Template File
CFM Corel FontMaster
CFM Visual dBASE Windows Customer Form
CFN Atari Calamus Font Data File
CFO TCU Turbo C Utilities C Form Object
CFP Complete Fax Portable Fax File
CFR IBM Configurator Report (if you don't have the program ask the sender to export to .RTF for you)
CFT Atari Calamus Farbtabelle = Calamus colour table
CFW ChemFinder Form
CGA Ventura CGA Screen Characters
CGI Common Gateway Interface Script File
CGM Computer Graphics Metafile
CGP NetCaptor CaptorGroup
CH Clipper Header
CH OS/2 Configuration File
CH3 Harvard Chart (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
CH4 Charisma 4.0 Presentation
CHA Adobe PageMaker Kerning Data
CHD FontChameleon Font Descriptor
CHF pcAnywhere Remote Control File
CHI Chiwriter Document
CHI Help File Index (typically used when the Help file will stay on a CD-ROM -- .CHI speeds access to the info)
CHJ Help Composer Project
CHK File fragments saved by Windows Disk Defragmenter or ScanDisk
CHK WordPerfect Temp File
CHL Chromeleon Channel Raw Data
CHL Configuration History Log
CHM ChemDraw Chemical Structure (old format)
CHM Compiled HTML (Help) File
CHN Ethnograph Data File
CHP Atari Calamus Hyphenations
CHP Ventura Publisher Chapter
CHQ Help Combined Full-text Search File (produced when multiple .CHM files are merged)
CHR Character or Font File
CHRT KChart File (KOffice format)
CHT Atari Calamus Hyphenation Table = User- defined hyphenation points)
CHT ChartViewer dBase Interface File
CHT Cheat Machine Data File
CHT Harvard Graphics Vector File (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
CIF Atari Calamus Importtreiber Font = Calamus font import driver
CIF CalTech Intermediate Graphic
CIF Chip Layout Information
CIF Colombo Ipermedia File
CIF Easy CD Creator Image
CIF pcAnywhere Caller File
CIF Ventura Chapter Information
CIF Ventura Converted Image File
CIL Clip Gallery Download Package
CIM CIMEX Cimpack Design Drawing File
CIM CompuApps Drive Backup Image
CIM Sim City 2000 File
CIN Cinetitler Digital Screen Subtitling
CIN OS/2 Change Control File (tracks changes to an INI file)
CIP Ghost Keylogger File
CIR Atari Calamus Importtreiber Rastergraphik = Calamus raster-graphics import driver
CIR PSpice File
CIR SuperMax E-CAD Save-File Command
CIS CheckInbox File
CIT Atari Calamus Importtreiber Text = Calamus text import driver
CIT Intergraph Scanned Image
CIV Atari Calamus Importtreiber Vektorgraphik = Calamus vector-graphics import driver
CIX TCU Turbo C Utilities Database Index
CK1 Atari Calamus Kontrollkurve 1 Linie = Calamus single control-curve (greyscale pictures)
CK1 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 (to 6) Data File (.CK1 to .CK6)
CK3 Atari Calamus Kontrollkurve 3 Linien = Calamus triple control-curve (RGB or DuoChrome)
CK4 Atari Calamus Kontrollkurve 4 Linien = Calamus quadruple control-curve (CMYK or linearity)
CK7 Atari Calamus Kontrollkurve 7 Linien = Calamus septuple control-curve (colour separation)
CKB Borland C++ Keyboard Mapping File
CKP Ingres Checkpoint File
CKT Atari Calamus Kommando-Tasten = Calamus key bindings
CL Generic LISP Source Code
CL3 Easy CD Creator Layout File
CL4 Easy CD Creator Layout File
CL5 Easy CD Creator Layout File
CLA Java Class File (usually .CLASS but can be shortened)
CLASS Java Class File
CLB cdrLabel Compact Disc Label
CLB ICQ Contact List
CLB MS Office XP Developer Code Librarian
CLF ListPro File
CLG Disk Catalog Database
CLG Maxagrid CTM Log File (text format)
CLK Corel R.A.V.E. Animation File
CLL Crick Software Clicker File
CLL OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Custom Library Search
CLO Cloe Image
CLP Clipper 5 Compiler Script
CLP Quattro Pro Clip Art
CLP Windows Clipboard/Picture File
CLR 1st Reader Binary Color Screen Image
CLR PhotoStyler Color Definition
CLR WinEdit Colorization Word List
CLS C++ Class Definition
CLS LaTeX Class File (similar to .STY)
CLS Visual Basic Class Module
CLW CLARION Database (DOS & Windows)
CLW MS Visual C++ Class Wizard File
CM Craftman Data File
CM2 Curious Labs Poser Camera File
CM4 ClipMate Data File
CMA Applix TM1 Database File (text)
CMA Atari Calamus Macros
CMB Chromeleon Backup Archive
CMC PowerFront File
CMD 1st Reader External Command Menu
CMD Command file for Windows NT (similar to a DOS .BAT file)
CMD dBase II Program File
CMD DOS, CP/M Command File
CMD OS/2, WinNT Command File
CMF Corel Metafile
CMF Creative Music File
CMG Chessmaster Saved Game
CMK Card Shop Plus File
CML Cheat Machine Library File (Windows)
CML COMAL program file (similar to a BASIC .BAS file)
CML PADGen Company Info File
CMM CEnvi (ScriptEase:Desktop) Batch File
CMO Virtools Behavioral Server Composition
CMP Address Document
CMP CorelDRAW PostScript Printer Header
CMP Leadview Bitmap
CMP MS Word for DOS User Dictionary
CMP Open Access File
CMP Route 66 Address Document
CMP SWAT3 audio compression
CMR MediaPlayer Movie
CMU Carnegie Mellon Univeristy Stereo Raster Image
CMV Corel Move Animation
CMX Apple Viewer File
CMX Corel PhotoPaint Image
CMX Corel Presentation Exchange Image
CMX The Sims (Maxis) 3D Body Mesh Data
CNC Click 'n Create File
CNC CNC General Program Data
CND ControlDraw File
CNF Configuration File (used by Telnet, Windows, and other applications with varying internal formats)
CNF SpeedDial
CNM Windows Application Menu Options and Setup File
CNQ Compuworks Design Shop File
CNREG EULANDA Warenwirtschaft (ERP) Configuration Information
CNREP EULANDA ERP System Report Template
CNS W2K Client Connection Manager Export File
CNT Windows (or other) system content files for the help index and other purposes
CNV Canvas versions 6, 7, 8
CNV MS Word Data Conversion File
CNV WordPerfect Temporary File
CNV WS_FTP Pro Upload Conversion File Data
COB Caligari Truespace Format
COB COBOL Program File
COB TrueSpace2 Object
COD Code List
COD Compiler Program Code
COD dBase Template Source File
COD FORTRAN Compiled Code
COD MS C compiler output as displayable machine language/assembler with original C as comments
COD Multiplan Data File
COD SWAT Input Control File (river basin scale model)
COD Video Text File
COL Autodesk Color Palette
COL Lotus Notes Import Column Description File
COL Multiplan Spreadsheet
COM Command File (MS-DOS based program)
COMPAT Likely a text file (e.g., README.COMPAT)
CON Knowledgeware Consolidation File
CON Simdir Configuration File
CON Tree Professional Conifer Creator File
CONF IRC Related Configuration File (IRCDs or EggDrops)
CONF Linux Configuration File
CONFIG MS .NET Application Configuration Information
COO Fabasoft Components
COP Tree Professional Conifer Creator Image File
COR Protein Structure File
COR Web GPS Correction Server Export File
COV Fax Cover Page (Win2000 Cover Page Editor)
CP8 CP8 256 Gray Scale Image
CPD Complaints Desk Script
CPD Corel PrintOffice File
CPD Fax Coversheet
CPE Fax Cover document
CPE Fax Coversheet
CPF Complete Fax File
CPG 3dize Cool Page File
CPH Corel Print House Image
CPI Atari Calamus Preview Import
CPI Code Page Information
CPI ColorLab Image
CPI MS-DOS code page information file
CPJ CeQuadrant CD Project
CPL Compel Presentation
CPL Control Panel Extension/Application
CPL Corel Color Palette
CPO Corel Print House File
CPP C++ code/program
CPP CA-Cricket Presents Presentation
CPR Corel Presents Presentation
CPR INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Program Code Fold
CPR Knowledge Access Graphics
CPS Antivirus Checksum File
CPS Central Point PC Tools Backup
CPS Classroom Performance System File
CPS Colored PostScript File
CPT CA Cricket Presents Template
CPT Corel PhotoPaint Image
CPT dBase Encrypted Memo
CPT Mac OS Compressed File (Compact Pro)
CPX Control Panel Applet
CPX Corel Presentation Exchange Compressed Drawing
CPX CryptaPix Encrypted Image
CPY Copy Books Data File
CR2 Curious Labs Poser Character File
CRC Atari Calamus Raster Cache (used by earlier Raster-generator PLUS)
CRD Atari Calamus Raster Document
CRD Cardfile (Windows 3.x Database)
CRF Database Cross-Reference File
CRF OM2Cipher Recipient File
CRF Sierra Print Artist Craft
CRF System Shock 2 Archive
CRF Thief 2: The Metal Age Archive
CRF Thief: The Dark Project Archive
CRF Zortech C++ Cross-Reference File
CRG Atari Calamus Raster Graphic
CRH Links Games Course File
CRH MS Golf Image File
CRI Atari Calamus Raster Information
CRL Atari Calamus Raster List (used by earlier Raster-generator PLUS)
CRL Certificate Revocation List
CRP Corel Presents Run-Time Presentation
CRP dBase Encrypted Database
CRP Visual dBASE Custom Report
CRS Gold Game Course File
CRS Links Games Course File
CRS WordPerfect 5.1 for Windows File Conversion Resource
CRT Certificate File
CRT Commodore 64 Cartridge Image (see www.nims.nl/C64/)
CRT Oracle Terminal Settings Info
CRT UNIX Crontab File (not a required extension for Crontab)
CRU CRUSH Compressed Archive
CRW Canon Raw Format (Image) (ACDSee 4.0)
CRX Links Games Course File
CRY Crypto Chat II Encrypted Notebook-content
CRZ Links Games Course File
CS C#.NET Source File
CSA Comma Deliminated Text
CSA Ultimate Ride Roller Coaster
CSB CircuitSoft Viewer (a module of EMSI Complete) - (Unverified)
CSB Corel Photo-Paint Script
CSC Corel Script
CSD Bitstream Fontware File
CSD Chemsoft MSDS Database File
CSE Atari Calamus Seite = Calamus page
CSF Van Dyke's CRT/SecureCRT Script File
CSG Statistica Graph File
CSH Hamilton Labs C Shell Script File
CSI Cyberautograph Signed Item
CSK Claris Works
CSL Atari Calamus Textstyle List
CSM Borland C++ 4.5 Precompiled Header
CSM Borland C++ Symbol File
CSM Kodak DC265 Camera Script
CSP CaseWare Working Papers Script Page
CSP PC Emcee On-Screen Image
CSQ Foxpro Queries
CSS Atari Calamus Stammseite = Calamus master page
CSS Hypertext Cascading Style Sheet File
CSS Statistica Datasheet
CSS Stats+ Datafile
CST Macromedia Director Cast File
CSV Comma-Separated Variables (Data File)
CSV CompuShow Adjusted EGA/VGA Palette
CT A graphic file associated with the Paint Shop Pro Graphic Editor
CT Scitex CT Handshake Bitmap
CT0 Maxagrid CTM File Being Processed (text format)
CT1 Maxagrid CTM File Successfully Processed (text format)
CT2 Maxagrid CTM File Unsuccessfully Processed (text format)
CTC PC Installer Control
CTD Atari Calamus Text Document
CTD Cardtable File (text file)
CTD Cobra Track Dump (COmBined Reconstruction for Atlas)
CTD Marine Data File (e.g., automatic float data)
CTD Simpsons Cartoon Studio Export File
CTF MGI PhotoSuite 1.0/8.0 Album File
CTF Symphony Character Code Translation
CTF TIFF Compressed File
CTF WhereIsIt Catalog
CTG Canon Powershot Pro 70 Info File
CTG Cartridge Definition File
CTG ChessBase Opening Book
CTL Used in general to mean a file containing control information (FAXWorks uses it to keep information about each fax sent and received)
CTM Content Delivery Service
CTM Crazytalk Talking Animation File
CTM FreeBSD Content Management File
CTM Java Charge Transaction Matrix File
CTM Maxagrid CTM File (text format)
CTM SDR99 Speech Recognition Task Time Marked Conversation Input
CTP American Greetings Greeting Cards
CTP ChemDraw Template
CTT Atari Calamus Translation Table
CTT Hotmail List of E-mail Contacts
CTT LabView File
CTX Atari Calamus Text
CTX Chinese Character Input File
CTX Compressed Text
CTX MS Online Course Text
CTX Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Ciphertext File
CTX Visual Basic User Control Binary File
CTY SimCity City File
CUB OLAP Cube File (definition for SQL Server, any OLE DB, or ODBC-compliant database)
CUE Description File for a CD-Image
CUE MS Cue Cards Data
CUF Turbo C Utilities Form Definition
CUL IconForge/ImageForge Cursor Library
CUP OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Catalog Library Update
CUR Windows cursor (pointer)
CURXPTHEME Cursor XP File (changes look & function of mouse cursor)
CUT Dr. Halo Bitmap Graphic
CUT INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Utility Package
CV Corel Versions Archive
CV MS CodeView information screen
CV4 Codeview Colors
CV5 Canvas version 5
CVA Compaq Diagnostics
CVD Atari Calamus Vector Document
CVG Atari Calamus Vector Graphic
CVG Image File
CVI Citrix Video Information (see www.rtsl.com/VidFrGlossary.html)
CVP WinFax Cover Page
CVR ElectraSoft Fax Cover Sheet
CVR WinFax Cover Sheet
CVS Canvas Drawing File
CVS Outlook Express File
CVS Sound File
CVT dBase Converted Database
CVW Codeview Colors
CW3 Chem Draw Molecular Structure
CW3 Claris Works Win 3 Document (now Filemaker)
CW3 Crossword Construction Kit Puzzle Group
CWB Atari Calamus Wörterbuch = Calamus dictionary
CWB WebNote Document
CWE Crossword Express
CWK Claris Works Data (also AppleWorks)
CWS Claris Works Template (also AppleWorks)
CXE Common XML Envelope
CXR Atari Calamus Import/Exporttreiber Rastergraphik = Calamus raster-graphics import/export driver
CXT Atari Calamus Import/Exporttreiber Text = Calamus text import/export driver
CXT Macromedia Director Protected Cast File
CXV Atari Calamus Import/Exporttreiber Vektorgraphik = Calamus vector-graphics import/export driver
CXX C++ source code file
CXX Zortech C++ Program
CYN Cynex Root55 Program Extension
CYP Cypherus Encrypted Archive
D Go to top of page
D D Programming Language Source Code File
D Dialect Source Code File
D_1 Polytext Ma'archot Meida Co. S"TaM ("Sifriyah Toranit M'muchshevet" - Computerized Torah Library)
D_3 Polytext Ma'archot Meida Co. S"TaM ("Sifriyah Toranit M'muchshevet" - Computerized Torah Library)
D00 Ganbatte! Winamp Plug-in (contains OPL2 music data)
D01 Ganbatte! Winamp Plug-in (contains OPL2 music data)
D2D 3D Fassade Plus 2D/3D Object File
D2S Diablo II Game File
D3D CorelDream 3D File
D64 Commodore 64 Emulator Disk Image (see www.nims.nl/C64/)
D8A AmBiz Productivity Pak Catalog
DAD Chromeleon Channel Raw Data
DAF OM2 911 Xchange Version 3 & 6 Document
DAO IsoBuster File
DAO Windows Registry Backup
DAP MS Access Data Access Page
DAP Omnis5 Application File
DARBY TheWord & Bible Companion Darby's Bible Translation Bible
DAT (also possibly) MPEG File
DAT Data (multiple programs)
DAT Gunlok Archive
DAT Mitsubishi DJ-1000 and Photorun Native Format
DAT Nascar Racing Archive
DAT System data file
DAT WordPerfect Merge Data
DB ANSYS Database
DB Borland's Paradox (DOS) Data Base table
DB Paradox Database
DB Progress Database
DB SmartWare Office Pac File (requires login)
DB Solid Database
DB WindowsXP Thumbnail Database
DB$ Clarion Modula-2 Debug Info
DB$ dBASE Temporary File
DB2 dBase II File
DBA DataEase Data File
DBB ANSYS Database Backup
DBB Mopheus Music File
DBC MS Visual Foxpro 6 Database Container
DBD Business Insight Data
DBD Clarion Modula-2 Debug Info
DBF Aston-Tate dBASE database
DBF Database (multiple programs)
DBF Oracle 8.x Tablespace File
DBF Table (used by MS Visual FoxPro 6)
DBG Debugger configuration (used by MS Visual FoxPro 6)
DBG MS C++ Symbolic Debugging Info
DBK dBase Database Backup
DBK Orcad Schematic Capture Backup File
DBL WindowsXP Product Activation File (if on WPA.DBL in the System32 folder)
DBM Cold Fusion Template
DBM DataBoss Menu Template
DBM DataEase Data File
DBM OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access SYSOP File
DBO dBase IV Compiled Program File
DBOOK Pocket Diary Text
DBQ Paradox Memo
DBS SQL Format Database
DBS Word Printer Description File
DBT Database Text File
DBV Flexfile Memo Field File
DBW DataBoss Database File
DBX Database (multiple programs)
DBX DataBeam Image
DBX MS Visual Foxpro Table
DC DesignCAD CAD File
DC2 DesignCAD CAD File
DC2 Kodak DC25 Digital Camera File
DC5 DataCAD Drawing File
DCA IBM DisplayWrite Document Content Architecture Text File
DCA Visual Basic Active Designer Cache
DCB Concordance Database Control Block
DCD Document Content Description File
DCD INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Object Code
DCF Design Rule for Camera File Systems File
DCF Disk Image File
DCF Dyadic Data File
DCF DynSite Configuration File
DCL DumpSec
DCM DCM Module Format
DCP Delphi Compiled Packages
DCP OS/2 Data CodePage
DCR Kodak Proprietary Image Format
DCR Shockwave File
DCS ACT! Activity Data File
DCS Desktop Color Separation file
DCS Quark Desktop Color Separation Specification
DCT Database memo (used by MS Visual FoxPro 6)
DCT Dictionary (various)
DCT MS Visual Foxpro Database Container
DCU Delphi Compiled Unit
DCV DriveCrypt Volume
DCX Bitmap Graphics
DCX Database index (used by MS Visual FoxPro 6)
DCX ElectraSoft Fax
DCX Fax image (based on PCX)
DCX Macros
DCX MS Visual Foxpro Database Container
DCX PC-Paintbrush File
DD Mac OS Compressed Disk Doubler Archive
DDATA Pocket Diary Text File
DDB Design Database File (database definition file, possibly MS Access)
DDB Device-Dependent Bitmap Graphics File
DDB INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Debugging Info
DDB Protel 99SE Design Database File
DDE Dynamic Data Exchange
DDF Bitstream Fontware File
DDF BTRIEVE Data Dictionary File (allows other programs to access data)
DDF Doom Definition File
DDF Music Library File
DDI Disk Doubler Image
DDI DiskDupe Image
DDL MS Data Definition Language File (SQL Server Query Analyzer)
DDP Delphi 6 File
DDP OS/2 Device Driver Profile File
DDS Adobe Photoshop Compressed Textures
DDS INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler Descriptor
DDW CSPro File (combined IMPS and ISSA Census Processing System)
DDX Juno "Get" File
DEB Debian Linux Package
DEB DOS Debug Script
DEC VersaPro Declaration File
DEF 3D Fassade Plus Define Module File
DEF C++ Definition
DEF Defaults
DEF Definitions
DEF Geoworks Assembly Header File
DEF Modula-2 Definition Module File
DEF SGML Tag Definition
DEF SmartWare II Data File
DEI Gerber Design Engineered Interface
DEL Data
DEM Descent Demonstration
DEP Dependency File (created by the Setup Wizard, used by MS Visual FoxPro 6)
DEPLOY DeployMaster Setup Script
DER Certificate File
DES Description Text
DES Quickbooks Template
DES Tribes 2 Game File
DESK Card Deck File
DEV Device Driver
DEV Device Independent TeX
DEV LaTeX File
DEZ DES Encrypted Zip File
DF Lightscape Parameters
DF1 Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File (also .DF2, .DF3, etc.)
DFC Voicemail File (Trio Voice Communications and maybe others)
DFD File Flow Diagram Graphic
DFI Digifont Outline Font Description
DFL Signature Default Program Settings
DFM Delphi Forms
DFM File Flow Diagram Model
DFP Digital Fusion Plug-in
DFP Stabilogram Diffusion Analysis File (Requires MatLab)
DFS Delight Sound File
DFT Fakt2000 File
DFT SolidEdge CAD File
DFT Workshare Synergy File
DFV Word Print Format Template
DG Autotrol Graphics
DGC TurboTax-related File
DGN Dragon 32 Emulator
DGN Intergraph Graphics
DGN Microstation95 CAD Drawing File
DGO Dimitrius Settings File (Dimitrius is program author)
DGR DART Pro 98 File Group Details
DGR Fax Page (MS Outlook Express)
DGS AT Advanced Diagnostics File
DH Geoworks Dependency Information File
DHP Dr. Halo PIC
DHT Gauss Data File
DHTML Dynamic Hypertext Mark-up Language document
DIA Computer Support Corp Diagraph Graphics File
DIB Device-Independent Bitmap Graphic
DIC Dictionary (various)
DIF Data Interchange Format spreadsheet
DIF DIFF Command Output (patch script)
DIG Digilink Format
DIG Sound Designer Audio File
DIG Text Document
DIN ADC Labs eWave File (broadcast automation software)
DIN DataEase File
DIP Graphics File
DIR DEC VAX Directory
DIR Macromedia Director File
DIR Procomm Plus Dialing Directory
DIR Worms Armageddon Archive
DIS Corel Draw Thesaurus
DIS DATAIR Data Import Specification Layout File
DIS Ray Tracer File
DIS VAX Mail Distribution File
DIT MS Win2000 Active Directory Schema
DIVX Movie Encoded with DivX-codec
DIZ Description In Zip File
DJV DjVu File
DJVU DjVu File
DJVU Document format from LizardTech, Inc. (see www.lizardtech.com/solutions/document/)
DKB DKBTrace Ray-Traced Graphics File
DL Animation File
DLC Echelon HQ Configuration File
DLC Model Dislocation File
DLD Lotus File
DLG C++ Dialogue Script
DLG Dialog Resource Script
DLG Digital Line Graph (U.S. Geological Survey geographic database)
DLG Infinity Engine Game Dialog File
DLK INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler Link Info
DLL CorelDraw Export/Import Filter
DLL Windows Dynamic Link Library
DLM Dirty Little Helper Cheat File
DLS ADAPTA DLS/32 Supply Chain Planning (ASCII file with general number data)
DLS Downloadable Sounds (Interactive Music Architecture)
DLS Norton DiskLock Setup File
DLU Dirty Little Helper Update File
DM_48 Quake 3 Arena Demo File
DM_57 Return to Castle Wolfenstein Demo File
DM_66 Quake 3 Arena Demo File
DM_67 Quake 3 Arena Demo File
DM2 Quake 2 Demo File
DM3 Quake 3 Arena Demo File
DMC Medical Manager DML System Compiled Script
DMD dB2K/dQuery Web DataModule
DMD OS/2 Warp Device Manager Driver
DMD Visual dBASE Data Module
DME Medical Manager DML System Data Merge
DMF Delusion/XTracker Digital Music File
DMF Packed Amiga Disk Image
DMF X-Trakker music module (MOD) file
DMG Mac OS X Disk Image File (Treated like a real disk)
DML Darn! Shopping! Mall File
DML Medical Manager DML System Script
DMO Derive Demo
DMP Dump (various)
DMP INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Core Dump
DMS Compressed Archive
DMX Medical Manager DML System Index for Custom .DME Files
DMX ProTrader Database
DN8 Blue Martini UTF-8 Encoded DNA File (eCRM)
DNA Blue Martini DNA File (eCRM)
DNA.XML Blue Martini XDNA File (eCRM)
DNC Machine Tool Communications
DNE Darn v5+ (Windows) Events List
DNI realMyst 3D Archive
DNL DigitalWebBook Electronic Book (requires installation of DigitalWebBook plug-in)
DNS DynSite Plug-in File
DO Stata Batch Analysis File
DOB User Document Form File
DOC Adobe FrameMaker or FrameBuilder document
DOC DisplayWrite 4 File
DOC Document or Documentation (many programs/formats)
DOC MS Word Document
DOC WordPad document
DOC WordPerfect document
DOC WordStar document
DOG Laughing Dog Screen Saver
DOH Geoworks Dependency Information File
DOS 1st Reader External Command File
DOS MS-DOS based file (also extension for NDIS2 net card and protocol drivers)
DOS Network Driver File
DOS Text File/DOS Specification Info
DOT Corel Lines-Definition
DOT MS Word Document Template
DOTHTML MS Word HTML Document Template
DOX MultiMate Document
DOX Text File
DOX User Document Binary Form File
DOZ VENDINFO Description Out of Zip File
DP Daily Planner Calendar File
DP DataPhile Data File
DPA Serif DrawPlus Animation
DPC Delphi Package Collection File
DPC DiscPlay Collection File
DPJ DeskProto CAM Project File
DPK Delphi Package File
DPL Borland Delphi 3 Packed Library
DPL Digital Photo Librarian Database
DPP Serif DrawPlus Drawing
DPR Borland C++ (or Delphi) Default Project (header file)
DPS DivX XP Skin (.ZIP file format)
DPT Publish-It! Publication File
DPX Digital Moving Picture Exchange
DPY Realpolitik Saved Game
DQA itaz doQument File
DQD itaz Default doQument Database
DQY MS Excel ODBC Query File
DR9 Directory File
DRC Borland Delphi Compiled Resource File
DRC DriveCrypt Container File (Note: This extension was changed to .DCV due to a WinXP conflict.)
DRC Orcad Schematic Capture Design Rules Check Report File
DRES Diagnosis Results
DRJ Deraj Data File
DRL DocObject Resource Locator
DRM Steinberg Cubase Drum File
DRN Darn for DOS
DRS Age of Empires 2 Archive
DRS WordPerfect Driver Resource
DRV Device Driver
DRW Drawing (various)
DRW Micrografx Designer/Draw
DRW Micrografx Vector Graphic
DRW Pro/Engineer Drawing File
DRX Adobe Photoshop Tutorial
DS Chemisty Software
DS PhotoMax Drive
DS4 Micrografx Designer Graphics (ver 4)
DSA DasyTec DASYLab File
DSB DasyTec DASYLab File
DSC Nikon Coolpix Disk Identification File
DSC Oracle Discard File
DSCE Diagnosis Scenario
DSD DataShaper Database File
DSD Document Structure Definition File
DSES Diagnosis Session
DSF Delusion/XTracker Digital Sample
DSF Micrografx Designer
DSF PC-TRUST Document Signer (Extension means file is signed)
DSG Doom Saved Game
DSH Dashboard PDA Wallpaper
DSK Borland C++ or Turbo Pascal Project Desktop File
DSK Novell Driver File
DSL Lingvo User Feature Dictionary
DSM Delphi Symbol File
DSM Digital Sound Module Tracker Format
DSM Dynamic Studio Music Module (MOD) File
DSN Object System Designer Design
DSN ODBC Data Source
DSN Orcad Schematic Capture Schematic File
DSN SureThing Office Labeler (formerly DesignExpress) Document
DSP Dr. Halo Graphic Screen Driver
DSP MS Developer Studio Project
DSP Signature Display Parameters
DSQ Corel QUERY File
DSR Active Designer File
DSR WordPerfect Driver
DSS DCC Active Designer File
DSS Digital Soup Digital Sound File
DSS Digital Speech Standard File (Voice Recorders & IBM's ViaVoice)
DST Embroidery Machine Stitch File
DST PC-RDist Distribution File
DSW Borland C++ Desktop Settings
DSW MS Developer Studio Workspace
DSX Active Designer Binary File
DSZ Embroidery Machine Stitch File
DT_ Mac OS Data File Fork
DTA Data (Various)
DTA Hidden & Dangerous Archive
DTA Stata Binary Saved Datasets
DTD Document Type Definition of SGML and XML
DTEA Diagnosis Template Archive
DTF MS Exchange Header File (Used when sending to Lotus Notes)
DTF Q&A Database
DTL Hal/Supernova/Lunar/LunarPlus Screen Readers/Magnifiers
DTM DigiTrekker Module
DTM Softshare Delta Translation Map
DTP Pressworks Template File
DTP Publish-It! Publication
DTP SecurDesk! Desktop
DTP Timeworks Publisher Text Document
DTQ Database Tools Query
DTX DocuTech Print6 Engine File (Prints DocuTech Closing Documents)
DTX E-Book File
DTX LaTeX Source and Documentation Archive
DTX LithTech Model Texture File
DUN Dial-Up Network
DUN MS Dial-up Networking Export file
DUP Duplicate Backup
DUS Readiris Font Dictionary
DV DESQview Script
DV Digital Video File (MIME)
DVC Lotus File
DVF DV Studio Camcorder Graphics File
DVI TeX Device Independent Document
DVI Used to visualize TeX/LaTeX files with Xdvi
DVP AutoCAD Device Parameter
DVP DESQview Program Information
DVR Device Driver
DW2 DesignCAD Drawing File
DWC Compressed Archive
DWD DiamondWare Digitized File
DWF Autodesk WHIP! Drawing Web File
DWF MS WHIP autoCAD Reader Drawing Web File
DWG AutoCAD Drawing Database, or older Generic CADD drawing format
DWG Drafix Drawing
DWI Dance With Intensity (dance simulator)
DWK Locked DWG File
DWP DeScribe Document File
DWP Dweep Game Levels
DWS AutoCAD Standartization File
DWS Dyadic Workspace File
DWT AutoCAD Template/Prototype File
DWT Demon's World Game Texture File
DWT Macromedia Dreamweaver Template File
DWY Dwyco Video Clip
DX Digital Electric Corporation (DEC) Data Exchange File
DX Document Imaging File
DXB Drawing Interchange Binary
DXF AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Format
DXF Drawing Interchange (eXchange) format,a text representation of the binary DWG format
DXL Dapyx MP3 Explorer (MP3 database organizer)
DXL DOORS Extension Language
DXMAX Oozic File
DXN Fujitsu dexNet Fax Document
DXPACK DesktopX Object (customizes the Windows Desktop)
DXR Dependable Strengths Administrator Resources (Mac OS)
DXR Green Building Advisor File
DXR Macromedia Director Protected Movie File
DXTHEME DesktopX Theme File (customizes the Windows Desktop)
DYN Lotus File

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