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Remove Access Security v 3.0

Thank you for your interest in 'Remove Access Security'. We trust that this package meets your requirements and standards. We welcome your suggestions and would be glad to be of further assistance.

'Remove Access Security 3.0' is the ultimate tool concerning security for Access databases. 'Remove Access Security' can reveal passwords, reset passwords and remove user-level security for secured and non-secured database (.MDB) files. This software is simple to use, and can be a real life-saver in a variety of situations, including corrupted passwords, corrupted workgroup files, forgotten passwords etc. This is the first software ever developed which works with encrypted databases.

'Remove Access Security' is a must-have for all database administrators and power users. To begin a step-by-step tutorial, click here.

Due to the immense potential of this software, users are requested to use this software legally. Remove Access Security works only with databases versions 95/97. Also, please read the disclaimer.

(5 star rating at filehungry.com)



Features :

Reveal database passwords
Remove database passwords
Reset user-level security for non-encrypted files
Reset user-level security for encrypted files

Technical Support:

For Technical support, you may contact E-Tech via e-mail at etech@westman.wave.ca. Or view the tutorial by clicking here.

Note: Access is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

Systems Requirements:

Minimum 8MB of RAM running Windows ‘95 or Windows ‘98.
Also runs under Windows NT 4.0 (SP2 or higher).

Disclaimer :
We disclaim all warranties as to this software, whether expressed or implied, including without limitation any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, functionality or data integrity or protection. Although this software has been thoroughly tested, you are cautioned to backup your data before using this software. Also,any criminal or other charges arising due to the use of this software is the sole responsibility of the user and the author cannot be held responsible.

Cost :
Retail Price US$ 199.00

Full Money Back Guarantee :
We are so convinced that you will be happy with your software  that we offer a complete money back guarantee. If our software does not work with your database, simply send us the database (and workgroup file, if available) and we shall remove security settings from the same. We shall recover up to 6 databases (any size) per registered value (compared to other online data recovery companies, this is a $1200.00 value).

If we are unsuccessful, we will be happy to refund you 100% of the purchase price. There are no hidden catches; we simply work on recommendation, if you are not happy then it is not good for business! Its as simple as that. You will be pleased to hear that so far we have not had a single return to date (Our software has been around since 1999). 

What 'Remove Access Security' cannot do :
'Remove Access Security' removes security settings from the database and tables only. It cannot remove security settings from forms, reports and modules. Please use our Emergency services to recover forms, reports and modules.

Testimonials :
"Our client had a few access database that needed recovery since the workgroup file got corrupted. E-Tech's 'Remove Access Security' gave us access to all our databases without a problem. Also email support was great!" -- 
Van Rensberg, Icon Medialab

I think the software is excellent!! The price is good too!! I have tried quite a few programs and most of them didn't work. E-Tech helped us recover one huge database that could not be recovered using conventional methods for our customer. -- Cathy Brooks, Additive Software

Thanks for the great work E-Tech - I really appreciate it. I've got the zip file back and its a real joy to see design view at last with all the forms!  I will mention E-Tech in the newsgroup "microsoft.public.access.security"; E-Tech did a great job for me. I was trying to finding a solution in this newsgroup before I found your service.-- David McArthur, Freelance IT Professional

Please send your testimonials to E-Tech

Emergency Access Database Repair

Do you have a Corrupt MS-Access database or unable to open the database? We provide a recovery service that's guaranteed to repair your database. Infact, you do not pay if we cannot recover your database. This service costs only $99. To use this service, please send us more information about your database to etech@westman.wave.ca and a qualified engineer will get back to you as soon as possible. We have provided this service to numerous clients including the 'Department of Defence, Canada'.

Test Run :
If you want to check whether your database can be recovered, please send it to etech@westman.wave.ca(5 MB file limit. For bigger files, please email us for an alternative method of file transfer). Please send us the MDB and the workgroup file if available.  An qualified engineer will get back to you with results within 2 working days. 

Download : Click here

Tutorial : Click here

For more information, please contact us

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Do you have a Corrupt Database or are unable to open a data file? We provide a recovery service that's guaranteed to repair your database. We have provided this service to big name companies like the US Army, American Express, AOL, AT&T, Air Canada etc. and you get the same guaranteed service. This includes telephone support if needed. We guarantee 100% satisfaction!

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We can recover damaged or corrupted data files and passwords from files of most formats. Please zip and FTP your file to us by clicking here.
You do not pay if we cannot recover your password or recover your damaged file.

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"Our client had a few access database that needed recovery since the workgroup file got corrupted. ETechRecovery's 'Remove Access Security' gave us access to all our databases without a problem. Also email support was great!" -- Van Rensberg, Icon Medialab

"Excellent software and support. I will not hesitate recommending E-Tech Recovery to all my clients" -- Gary Fischer, ACC